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100 Church Social Media Post Ideas

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Keeping your congregation and community up-to-date with the latest news at your church is important, but eventually you will find yourself running out of things to say. Do not panic when this happens! Just like writer’s block, content block is totally normal. Here are social media post ideas for churches to help guide you through your content block.

1 - Have a church member share their testimony (this makes excellent reel content!). 2 - Post a quote from your pastor. 3 - Share the staff member’s favorite Bible verses. 4 - Show the behind the scenes of an event setup or worship practice. 5 - Ask personal questions. Example - What are you doing this weekend? What did you learn from your Bible reading today? 6 - Create a fun interactive poll. 7 - Give a tour of your church via reel or live. 8 - Share your church’s history. Utilize #ThrowbackThursday or #FlashbackFriday. 9 - Start a monthly volunteer spotlight segment. 10 - Recap an event or small group. 11 - Create a fun contest and give away some church merch if you have some. Need some? Email Gina here. 12 - Promote upcoming events. 13 - Do a video invitation to an upcoming event or worship service. 14 - Interview your pastor or another staff member. 15 - Explain a church term or vocabulary word. 16 - Invite the community to your worship services. 17 - Explain what your congregation is learning about in your current sermon series. 18 - Share your worship playlist/setlist. 19 - Does your church study together? Share the resources! 20 - Bring awareness to local charities/ministries, especially if your church partners with them. 21 - Go live with guest speakers. 22 - Create a weekend service recap video. 23 - Share some highlights from the most recent sermon’s message. 24 - Highlight a small group from your church. 25 - Share upcoming events for the next month (use a Canva graphic). 26 - Create a teaser video for the next sermon series. 27 - Showcase your church’s children’s ministry. 28 - Share a powerful sermon clip (make it a reel!). 29 - Post your church’s mission, values and vision. 30 - Ask the community how you can pray for them. 31 - Post a prayer. 32 - Post about your church’s outreach projects. 33 - Use funny memes. 34 - Give followers instructions on how to invite their loved ones to service on Sunday. 35 - Video of a member’s takeaway from the most recent sermon. 36 - Inspiring quotes or Bible verses. 37 - Highlight different age groups as part of one church family. 38 - How to apply faith principles to everyday life. 39 - Highlight all baptisms, confirmations, weddings and new members. 40 - Tips on how to study the Bible effectively. 41 - Video of a mentor and their mentee within your church. 42 - Information on what it looks like to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. 43 - Video of your church leaders explaining what discipleship means to them. 44 - The benefits of discipleship. 45 - How your church helps develop new disciples. 46 - Bloopers. Show your funny side! 47 - Does your church have YouTube? Post the link to the newest video! 48 - Celebrate membership anniversaries. 49 - Share a devotional or create a devotional series. 50 - Promote a local business (especially if they have sponsored or supported you in the past). 51 - Share content from your followers. 52 - Create a membership spotlight series. 53 - Create a challenge ( Example: 5 day Bible reading challenge) 54 - Show off your community. 55 - Encourage community involvement. 56 - Photo of pastor getting ready for service. 57 - Photo of musicians playing during service. 58 - Birth announcements (with parent permission, of course!). 59 - Death announcements/funeral information. 60 - Milestones (Example: impressive wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or years in ministry). 61 - Highlight your church’s high school and college graduates. 62 - Updates on any church renovations (use before and after pictures). 63 - Church office hours. 64 - Show off your Sunday school teachers. 65 - Information on different ways to donate to the church. 66 - Post about upcoming volunteer opportunities. 67 - Explain how you support families with young children. 68 - Promote any free resources your church offers. 69 - Weekly or daily memory verse (make it a fun series). 70 - Tips on how to include regular devotion time in a busy family’s schedule. 71 - A verse of a hymn that will be played in an upcoming worship service. 72 - New books that have been added to your church’s library. 73 - Quotes from church historical figures. 74 - Current news stories that pertain to your church or denomination. 75 - Share the link to your church’s newest blog post. 76 - Daily updates from a team that is currently on a mission trip. 77 - Wedding/baptism party ideas. 78 - Show off your church’s merch and how people can get it. 79 - Photo of pastor writing a sermon. 80 - Thank sponsors for large events. 81 - Update on how fundraisers are going (use this free thermometer graphic generator). 82 - Post final results from fundraiser. 83 - Surveys for feedback after events. 84 - Photos of church council/leadership meetings. 85 - Year to date budget updates. 86 - A visual breakdown of how your church uses funds. 87 - Updates from missionaries your church supports. 88 - Update from pastor at a conference or seminar they went to to further their education. 89 - Your church’s safety procedures (Example: Tornado, earthquake, etc). 90 - Photos or video of physical donations being dropped off (Example - clothing, food, etc). 91 - Start a “Today I Learned…” thread. 92 - Answer an FAQ. 93 - Church note taking ideas. 94 - Blog post about why your church does something (Example: How Communion is prepared). 95 - Share your church’s podcast or a Christian podcast. 96 - Facts from Christian history. 97 - Explain the Church Year and the meaning behind the different colors. 98 - Share how premarital counseling works at your church. 99 - Start some weekly conversation starters. 100 - Share contact information (Example: Your church’s website, email, phone number, etc).

Looking for even more advice and tips on how to plan your church communications strategy? Schedule a marketing strategy call with Gina here or join our FREE Facebook community here. Also, please feel free to follow Faith United Methodist Church on Instagram for more church social media post ideas!


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