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Giving Tuesday Ideas 2023

While most of the world is familiar with shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, another day that is celebrated worldwide is Giving Tuesday.

This year, Giving Tuesday lands on November 28, 2023. This day generally kicks off the year-end giving season for nonprofits, churches and ministries.

Nonprofits and churches can really lean into the power of social media to encourage people to donate their time, talents and resources to their mission.

To do this, you must make sure your Giving Tuesday campaign stands out against the others. Here are a few ways to create the best Giving Tuesday campaign for your organization:

Optimize Your Donation Page

It is important to make sure your website and donation pages are optimized for mobile devices. This will create a better experience for the viewer! On average, 25% of donations are made through mobile devices. (Source: Network for Good).

Create Giving Tuesday Content

Create content like blog posts, videos, graphics and email blasts that are specific to your Giving Tuesday campaign. This will help communicate your organization’s needs and help highlight how your organization is making a positive impact in the community that it serves. By doing this, you are telling your donors how their contributions help the overall mission.

Use Consistent Imaging

Post your Giving Tuesday graphics on your social media (in posts and in cover photos) and your website home page. This helps build authenticity and makes it easy for your audience to remember your brand. Consistency is key if you want your viewers to think of you when they see a certain color, shape or icon.

Use the #GivingTuesday Hashtag

By using this hashtag on your social media, you will raise awareness about your nonprofit or church, encourage new donors or volunteers, and draw attention to your year-end fundraisers. People will be scrolling through these posts to see who they can support. Need more Giving Tuesday related hashtags? Click here.

Keep Your Audience Updated

Provide regular updates on your website and social media regarding the progress you made. This will encourage your supporters to help you reach your goal. Also, urgent deadlines seem to inspire more donations.

Send Emails

Giving Tuesday is usually driven by social media, but it is vital to use call to actions in your emails to your supporters during your campaign. You should be sending emails the day before and the day of to promote your campaign. Need some email blast tips? Click here to watch a quick video!

Say Thank You

Be sure to always say thank you. Tell each person that contributed that their support means the world to you and how their contributions made a difference. Click here for some FREE thank you letter templates.

Looking for more advice and tips on how to plan your Giving Tuesday campaign? Schedule a marketing strategy call with Gina here or join our FREE Facebook community here.


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