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Kansas City, Missouri
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Marilyn Jeanne Designs, LLC

A full service creative agency helping nonprofits and churches GROW through marketing and design while supporting domestic violence shelters in Kansas City!

Do any of these sound familiar?

Hi! I'm Gina.

Like you, I was floating through life without any direction for years. I knew that I always wanted to own my own business and glorify God through my work, but I didn't know where to begin. So I went back to school and obtained my Multimedia Design and Development degree.

In addition to my degree, I am now a social media manager, marketing coach and fundraising event planner for churches and nonprofits. I specialize in helping my clients tap into their full God given potential so they can grow their organizations in ways they never dreamed of.

With nearly 3 years in church and nonprofit administration world, I now have the experience and knowledge that's required to properly to guide you as we work together to create an effective branding and marketing strategy for your organization.

I will teach you how to have powerful branding, marketing and fundraising. I will also teach you how to connect with your ideal donors and how to have a real relationship with them.

Gina Rhiann Stockdall

Our Happy Clients

Maryssa Gordon, ME

"I LOVED working with Gina! She kept me in the loop during the whole design process, got my opinions on different aspects, and asked for inspiration to make sure she got my project the way I wanted it. Her finished product was beautiful and well worth the price!"

Jeric Sorrell, CA

"I am SO GLAD I found Marilyn Jeanne Designs! The work they do is literally some of the best I've seen. Many of my colleagues have worked with them and been absolutely floored by the results. I will continue raving to every business person I know about this amazing company!"

Julia Ellis, CA

"I met Gina through the networking group of business professionals and have interacted with her extensively over the past month. I am really impressed by her work ethic, leadership abilities, business skills and vision, as well as her deep desire to help other people whether it’s fellow entrepreneurs or customers. I highly recommend Gina, she is highly professional and is truly passionate about what she does."

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