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Dear Nonprofits, “Marketing” is NOT a Bad Word!

The word “marketing” seems like a business term, doesn’t it? When you hear it, your mind automatically goes to billboards, commercials and ads for the for-profit world. However, something nonprofit leaders need to remember is…a nonprofit is a business and marketing is critical to the success of the organization!

For nonprofits to advance their missions, they need an effective marketing strategy. Marketing gives nonprofits a way to identify potential supporters, update supporters on the amazing work the nonprofit is doing and give supporters opportunities to be involved, like volunteering or donating.

People who support your organization expect their interactions with you to be personalized, even online. Since nonprofits are aware of this, they are starting to build better websites, data tools and fundraising strategies to create compelling content to find and connect with the right donors or volunteers.

Marketing gives nonprofits a louder voice for their mission, but what exactly are the benefits of an effective marketing strategy?


Marketing attracts the right people by making them aware of your mission and how they can get involved. Some marketing tools also create forums for you to become more aware of your community and what they are saying. Your community may have new ideas to support your cause or can help you spread the message of your nonprofit within their own networks.


A well-built, highly-engaging marketing campaign creates spaces to raise more money. You can now communicate your needs as they pop up to the people who want to help you the most. You can utilize tools to allow online donations easily and quickly (like Network for Good or GiveButter). This can lead to more supporters and more resources to fund your programs or events.

Volunteer Support

Letting your community know that you are in need of volunteers through your marketing helps your supporters know that your nonprofit is making a positive impact and that you would love for them to get involved.

Services and Impact

Most nonprofits provide several different types of services or programs to their communities. Marketing allows you to share what you offer to the people who may need it the most. For example, if you offer tutoring services, you could customize a message to families who have school aged children and create a personalized offer. Making your services known helps you connect with individuals, businesses or organizations who could also benefit from what you provide.

Supporter Experience

Nonprofits offer numerous ways for people to get involved with their cause. This can include donating, volunteering or anything in between. However, most supporters are not involved with the day-to-day operations of your organization. While they are dedicated to your mission, their participation may happen only a few days per month.

A custom marketing plan can keep your supporters engaged by keeping them updated on your progress toward shared goals, what is going on within your organization, upcoming events and so much more! Supporters remain engaged and aware of your nonprofit through these efforts since they cannot be there every day.

Now, don’t let all of this information intimidate you. We are here to help! You can schedule a FREE 30-minute exploration call here or join our FREE nonprofit and church resource Facebook group here. We look forward to connecting with you and your organization!

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