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Facebook for Nonprofits

Facebook currently has 2.8 billion active users and continues to be the most popular social media platform. Your nonprofit’s donors and supporters use Facebook on a regular basis and that is why Facebook should be a top priority in your social media marketing efforts. With that being said, you will be competing with one hundred million Facebook Pages for engagement, so you have to make sure your content is top notch to ensure feed exposure.

The most successful Facebook posts are short. People generally do not like to read lengthy posts. If you write a long post and the action link is at the end, there is a good chance that your followers will never see the donation link. Instead, you should put the donation link at the beginning of your posts and then follow it with a brief caption.

Hashtags on Facebook posts can also help popularize your nonprofit’s content and help you gain more followers. If you utilize hashtags that your ideal donors typically use, this will improve your page’s visibility and in turn, generate more donations. You also do not want to over do it with the hashtags. On Facebook you want to limit the number of hashtags you use to one or two.

Another cost effective way to gain more followers is to run Facebook ads. The Facebook Lookalike Audience tool helps you target people who are similar to your current donors and followers. Using this tool will help you educate others about your cause, increase engagement on your page and hopefully turn your new followers into donors.

When you have a live event, it would be incredibly beneficial to do a live video on your nonprofit’s Facebook page during the event. These live videos allow supporters to see real-time updates of a fundraising event and will inspire them to donate within the moment.

A fun way to boost engagement and followers is generating a Facebook survey. Simply ask your followers to share their connection to your nonprofit by posting on their status section with a tag to your nonprofit.

Believe it or not, this is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to using Facebook to market your nonprofit. You can also utilize stories, messenger and other beneficial tools. Our Nonprofit Marketing Consulting Services helps you understand the fundamentals of social media marketing and fundraising for your nonprofit. You will receive a full social media audit of your Facebook and Instagram pages, a sustainable and effective marketing strategy, a unique content calendar that is specifically created for your nonprofit and 1 hour of my time on retainer to create and social media or fundraising designs you may need to accomplish your content calendar successfully. You can click here to schedule your session.

If you are interested in more FREE nonprofit marketing resources, join our Facebook group! We offer tips, tricks, support and weekly Biblical leadership development (all previous episodes are available for replay). You can click here to join.

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