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Marilyn Jeanne Designs, LLC has been fortunate to partner with outstanding clients, crafting compelling stories for their organizations through services such as social media management, marketing campaigns, print and digital design, custom branded merchandise, and more! Check out some of our showcased projects right here on this page.

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Social Media Management

Faith United Methodist Church - Facebook | Instagram 

Harmonic Egg & Wellness KC - Facebook | Instagram 

Strong Tower Haiti - Facebook | Instagram

Mercy's Light Family - Facebook | Instagram
Journey to the Heart Horse Sanctuary - Facebook | Instagram

M-Powering Women with Gina Podcast - Facebook | Instagram

Healthy Bodi with Gina - Facebook | Instagram

Content Creation

Sassie's New Home - Facebook | Instagram

*The account below is managed by Maui Video Marketing*

Mind and Body Harmonics - Facebook | Instagram

Business Cards




Richland Outreach Center -

M-Powering Women with Gina Podcast -


Richland Outreach Center -

Journey to the Heart Horse Sanctuary -
Refugee Together for Social Transformation - Facebook Page
Rural Watch Africa Initiative -

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