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When social media first emerged as a marketing platform, all that was required to stay ahead of the competition was a consistent posting schedule. Now, nonprofits and churches need a more targeted strategy to reach their audience.

A good social media marketing strategy is one that is well planned and consistent. The MJD team helps leader
s create a strong social media marketing strategy by... 

- Identifying your goals
- Choosing the best platforms for your audience
- Creating a schedule 
- Engaging with your audience 
- Tracking the right metrics 
- Adapting, learning and growing


We create custom marketing and social media plans that focus on your church or nonprofit's specific needs. We discuss, analyze, plan, review, optimize, repeat. 

Social media management is not effective without a properly drawn up marketing plan, and plans cannot be created without some initial discussion and analysis. For us to provide effective marketing services, we have to first know your church or nonprofit. We will start with getting to know you and your mission, then we focus on understanding your current state, goals, accomplishments, failures and everything in between. We do this so your content reaches your ideal donor, volunteer or staff member. 

Once we understand your needs, we will create your plan of action. We create a calendar for the full year and then break that into quarterly and monthly content and goals. 

Our plans will constantly change and that's okay! That means the needs of your church or nonprofit are also changing and that means you are growing! We consistently review our strategy, target market, current trends, competition and more. We then create plans on how to run our new strategy effectively. The best strategies are often those that evolve over time.


We create custom branding that effectively portrays your mission and message. We discuss, analyze, plan, review, repeat.

Branding is not effective without a proper strategy. For us to create a brand that fully portrays you, your mission and your overall message, we first get to know YOU and who your potential audience is.

Once we know what direction to take, we start with creating your color palette, then move onto fonts and your logo. You will receive a full brand guideline presentation once the brand is complete.

Once your brand is created, we would focus on creating business cards, letterhead, custom merchandise, websites, social media graphic templates and more. The best way to make sure your brand is memorable is by making sure your target market is seeing it consistently.

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Our job at Marilyn Jeanne Designs is to help your church or nonprofit grow and make an impact. We are a creative agency that is working with amazing leaders to help make the world a better place, in Jesus' name. Are you looking to get more eyes on your mission? We can help. 

  • Branding Design

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Marketing Materials

  • Web Design & Development 

  • Social Media Management & Marketing 

  • Branded Merchandise

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